Thursday, July 24, 2008

xWinPwn 0.1 Released

xWinPwn is an application to pwn your 2.0 iPod/iPhone/3G on Windows. Currently it supports the iPod touch and the 2G iPhone. It's based on xPwn 0.3 and it's coded in VB.

The program is quiet simple. Just put the firmware file in the installation directory, run the program and click on the first button (this will build the custom firmware), and then the second button (this will load the exploit in iTunes). Put your device in DFU mode, and restore with Maj.+Restore button and select the custom firmware.

You're done ! And you've got Cydia with the 2.0 firmware !!!

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** I will not be creating a guide for this software. I will only create one when WinPWn 2.0 comes out.

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