Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Work Starts on Winpwn for iPhone 3G

Work has started on the 2.0 version of Winpwn which hopefully with be a jailbreak solution for Windows users.

cmw has made this announcement on his blog:

So i finally got a 3g phone. PlanetBeing and i waited in line at the apple store in Manhattan for 6 hours. But at the end of it, i walked out with a nice new 3g phone. I spent last night until 3am working on a new exploit for iBoot and looking into some new features for winpwn. If you have any feature ideas or want to say hi feel free to email me at cmw at

Thanks again to everyone who donated. I won't let you down.. Don't forget to check out both planetbeing and i are working hard on making it work on the new 3g phones.

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