Friday, July 25, 2008

Screenshots of Installer v4.0

Rip Dev has posted a progress report and screenshots of much anticipated Installer v4.0.

Many of you are wondering what’s up with Installer 4. No, we haven’t slowed down the work on it, and are currently in the final stages of hooking the GUI to the back-end. We will be contacting the authors of the major repositories in a few days to invite them into the testing process and to prepare for the upcoming repository changes.

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alam said...

Installer v4.0" does have a serious problem. every time i tried install or uninstall an application the phone takes ages to re-spring. 70% time i had to restore. 20% times i had to drain full battery. 10% i had to call my phone to wake up....... i do have 3 iphone i tried all of them...may Installer v4.0 got some kind of bugs.but it is 100% working stage it will be one of the great apps for iphone. i m writting my honest comment. thanks.