Monday, July 7, 2008

Lextech to Launch iPhone Remote Surveillance App

Chicago area systems engineering company Lextech Global Services (Lextech) announces the launch of its new product-based sister company, Lextech Labs. After recognizing a need for increased mobility in the security and surveillance industry, Lextech Labs capitalized on Lextech's custom software development expertise by commissioning their engineering team to create a series of advanced applications for the iPod Touch and iPhone.

"Rapid growth for Lextech Global Services and demand for compelling iPhone software made the possibility to expand an exciting reality," said Alex Bratton, Founder and CEO of Lextech and Lextech Labs. "I'm always looking for creative ways to extend the reach of emerging technologies."

The initial family of products, with expected release dates spanning the next 6 months, will focus on the mobile control of high-end surveillance systems.

The first product scheduled for release by Labs will be iRa, a remote surveillance viewing and control system that puts the power of multiple live video feeds and direct camera pan-tilt-zoom control in the palm of your hand on an iPhone or iPod Touch. Product specifications, pricing, and release timing will be announced at a later date.

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