Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Installer and Kate for 2.0 iPhone Status

The Rip Dev team has provided some information regarding the highly anticipated release of Installer v4.0
As you surely know by now, Pwnage Tool 2.0 is out. And for now, it has no Installer 4.0 in it.

This is because we have decided to not release an undertested product into the wild -we don’t want any mess on the phone this time. So Installer 4.0 will come out soon… as soon as we’re confident it functions properly, we will release it - and trust us, we are not going to delay it for a long time.

Meanwhile, all of the popular tools that can’t get to App Store for various reasons will have to be redone for firmware 2.0 - mostly because the inner workings of the system (in large, the way user interface works) have changed a lot since 1.1.x, so it will take some time for the authors to update and test their stuff. We expect the Installer to be ready by the time there’s something to offer you.

A lyrical off-topic. Why Big Bear in the post title and what the heck has it to do with the rest? The answer is simple - every iPhone OS release has it’s own codename (the name of the volume on the disk image file containing firmware files). 1.1.4 used to be LittleBear, and 2.0, you guessed it, is BigBear.

Now what about Kate? It is 90% ported to 2.0 as of now and we are finishing the remaining work and then testing it - so expect it to be out for Installer 4.0 in a week or two. Of course, you will not have to purchase it again if you already did (and if you have changed your iPhone to 3G model, email our sales department and they will arrange the license transfer for you).

Thanks for your patience and support!
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