Sunday, July 13, 2008

Geohot Tells Dev-Team to Release iPhone Jailbreak

Geohot warns the iPhone Dev-Team about delaying the release of PwnageTool in a new post on his blog, suggesting he might release the jailbreak if they don't.

He also comments on some of the changes between the 1st and 2nd generation iPhone.

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Post beta 4, the ramdisk hack stopped working. Sorry Zibri, guess you'll have to steal another exploit. They also changed the recovery mode USB protocol to use the control endpoint to send commands.

The possiblity of unlocking, which is very distinct from jailbreaking, is based entirely on the baseband bootloader. Apple doesn't appear to upgrade the bootloader on phones in the field, probably for fear of breaks. So any old iPhones out there today, regardless of version, can be unlocked.

The iPhone 3G uses a different bootloader, which I believe there aren't any known exploits in yet. So no unlock.

There is a known exploit in iBoot, on both the old and 3G iPhones. The "the specific date/time is not firm yet" pwnage tool will leverage it to jailbreak all 2.0 software iPhones, 3G and otherwise. Dev team, that date better be soon or I might just have to release yiPhone. The iBoot exploit is yours, use it. You wouldn't want a repeat of ZiPhone now...

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