Monday, July 28, 2008

Dev-Team Downgrades 3G iPhone Modem Firmware

The iPhone Dev-Team has successfully downgraded the modem firmware on the new 3G iPhone in its first step towards hacking the 3G baseband.

This image is the “About” screen from a 3G iPhone that was bought in a store last week. As you can see the modem firmware version has been successfully downgraded to an older “beta” firmware. This is not an unlock (yet), but it is our illustration of the first progress made with regard to hacking the 3G baseband. We have accomplished this by being able to execute our own code on the baseband that allows us to circumvent security checks and flash the baseband with older, disallowed firmware. Please note this has been accomplished using software only, the iPhone 3G has not been disassembled or hardware modified in any way.

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