Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Countup to Dev-Teams 2.0 Jailbreak Release?

The iPhone Dev-Team has posted a link to ihazsupper.com which features a picture of the last supper (everyone has iPhones). Under the picture is a countup timer.

The disciples have been replaced with members of the dev-team with Woz offering them a golden iPhone. Geohot has been seated in place of Judas.

This may be a countup to the release of PwnageTool which will jailbreak the latest iPhone 2.0 firmware and install Installer.app and Cydia. It may also be a heavy satire of GeoHot's Yiphone.org. Ironically, the Dev-Team's counter reaches zero 1 second before Yiphone's counter.

The Last Supper signifies the last dinner with Christ before Judas betrayed him. It also means that Christ would rise in 3 days.

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*The religious reference is in no way representative of the views of the readers of Hack the iPhone and iTouch or the creators'. It is solely provided as a means to a debate and conversation.

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