Wednesday, June 25, 2008

SingleClick Unveils Video Playback for iPhone

SingleClick Systems today announced that its SingleClick Remote Access technology is capable of remotely playing personal video content directly to the iPhone, Blackberry and over 7,000 other mobile devices. Without needing to unlock or alter their devices in anyway, iPhone and Blackberry users are now able to access their entire personal content library of music, videos and documents stored on their home network anytime, anywhere.

In order to enable users to play video and music from their home network directly on the iPhone and Blackberry, SingleClick integrated advanced device detection intelligence from the open source Wireless Universal Resource File (WURFL) database, which contains information about almost every registered mobile device on the planet. This allows the software to detect the file formats and transfer speeds a device can support, then transcode and deliver the media in real time, tailored for the device's specific capabilities.

"SingleClick Remote Access works seamlessly with the installed software on the iPhone, as opposed to other solutions requiring the user to download a third party application which may violate their user license agreement and warranty," said Scot Zarkiewicz, CEO of SingleClick Systems. "Because SingleClick Remote Access is a dynamic software application residing on the home computer, iPhone users can safely break out of the iTunes stranglehold and stream their entire content library anywhere they happen to be."

In addition to playing music and video content, SingleClick Remote Access serves as an easily configurable Virtual Private Network (VPN) to access all shared content and resources on the home or SMB network from any computer or Web enabled mobile device such as an iPhone, Blackberry or Windows Mobile PDA. The VPN functionality enables small business customers to access and share business critical documents through a simple e-mail based messaging service.

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