Friday, June 6, 2008

Rendered Images of iControlPad for iPhone

Rendered images of the soon to come iControlPad for iPhone have been posted for those awaiting the device.

Also some frequently asked questions have been answered:
- Yes the headphone port will be easy to access.
- Yes we will make a version for the iTouch (and maybe some other devices too).
- Yes (currently) you will need to be running Jailbreak.
- Yes we have applied for a patent.
- Yes we intend to send these to any developer who requests one, so don't worry hundreds of apps will have support for it.
- The price will be low, probably under $30, but the quality will be high to match the iPhone.
- We are making it as small and comfortable as we can, we are gamers and have already made control pads in the past, so it should be cool.
- The iControlPad (iPhone version) should be shipping in July.

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