Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mac OS X | How to Fix iWeb Galleries for Firefox 3

These are instructions on how to patch iWeb so that Galleries display correctly in Firefox 3.

Step One
Download the iWeb patch from here to your desktop.

Step Two
Double click the downloaded zip( to extract the application.
Step Three
Double click the extracted application (Fix iWeb and Firefox 3 1.1) to begin.
Step Four
A popup will appear asking you to confirm the open of this downloaded application. Click the Open button.
Step Five
A popup will appear informing you that two Javascript files inside iWeb will be updated to allow iWeb sites to render properly in Firefox 3. Click the OK button.
Step Six
You will then be asked to enter an administrator username and password. Do this, then click the OK button.

Step Seven
Once the application has finished patching your iWeb files a popup will appear letting you know it has been successful. Click the OK button.
Step Eight
Now that iWeb has been patched please republish your iWeb site and clear your Firefox cache. Your iWeb Gallery will now display correctly!

THANKS***: Thanks go to Daniel Furrer and Daryl Grunau, who posted the original patched Javascript files. Also, thanks to MacUpdate who packaged these files in a convenient application!

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Mariane Matera said...

The iWeb patch doesn't work. Out of five photo gallery pages on my site, it made two appear. The other three are still invisible, and shadow effects on text did not appear.