Monday, June 30, 2008

Linksys Releases Mac Setup Tool

Linksys has announced that the LELA Mac Wizard is available on all new Linksys Routers.
Thousands of loyal Macintosh users are already up and running on Linksys Wireless-G and Wireless-N routers. For years, they have experienced the robust range, speed and performance that Linksys is famous for providing. Now, the LELA Mac Wizard takes the setup process to the next step, streamlining the router installation. To access the LELA Mac Wizard, simply insert the CD-ROM included with your new Linksys router into your Mac, double-click the CD icon on your desktop, then double-click the Device Setup icon, and LELA will take over.

Now you can setup your new Linksys by Cisco Router with your Macintosh running MacOS 10.4 or higher, using LELA, the Linksys EasyLink Advisor Setup Wizard

One more thing.
Linksys has also expanded its award-winning Customer Advocacy support capabilities to service our current and future community of Macintosh users. Over time, we will continue to expand support infrastructure to meet the needs of families, businesses, and creative professionals worldwide who are using Macs with a Linksys by Cisco router.

But there’s one more thing.
In the weeks and months to come, Linksys will also be announcing more exciting Mac-compatible products and software. Now that’s something to smile about.

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