Thursday, June 5, 2008

iFuntastic 5.5r1 Released

On Thursday, developer BitSplit has released iFuntastic 4.8, the latest version of the popular iPhone jailbreaking and third party applications utility. The new version, a 60 megabyte download (courtesy of MacUpdate, incorporates the following new features and changes:

-Support for iTunes 7.5.
-Fixed text display for Leopard.
-Improved email procedure.
-Fixed alignment bug for Home Screen backgrounds (thank you Szymon).
-A 'Small Icons' choice for the (advanced) Home Screen fixed 'vanishing iPod icon' bug.
-A 'News' page for up-to-date info about updates bugs and more.
-A 'Make Executable' function in the File Manager item popup menu (thank you Avi and Alberto) additional tweaks and simplifications based on your valuable feedback - keep it coming! (thank you Clark, Forest, Richard, Sunny and Thom and the other intrepid beta testers (yes, beta testers!))

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