Thursday, June 19, 2008

E-learning Available on the iPhone

Mohive has announced that it is the first company in Europe to offer e-learning on the Apple iPhone.

Mohive CEO Lars Unneberg said: "The introduction of Apples' iPhone has dramatically boosted the potential for mobile learning in the markets we operate in. Traditional barriers to effective mobile learning, like low quality video or clunky, unpredictable interfaces have been overcome in iPhone to deliver a platform we can trust."

The initial focus will be in healthcare, transportation and retail: "Healthcare is spearheading take-up of mobile learning globally but other sectors are gathering pace fast. About 20% of all mlearning applications developed in the US today are for the healthcare sector and we expect to see a similar trend unfold across Europe as mobile learning goes mainstream," explains Lars Unneberg.

Mohive for iPhone mlearning will be launched during a business' user-group summit tomorrow, on 19 June.

Jane Hart, learning technologies specialist, commented: "Mohive has locked-on to the high quality video and interactive touch technology that make iPhone and iTouch unique. The result is an early example of the kind of rich learning experience that soon, all business users will come to expect from the mobile device they carry in their pockets."

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