Tuesday, June 10, 2008

AT&T Signs New Apple Deal: No Revenue Share

AT&T has signed a new agreement with Apple that ends the revenue sharing model previously in place.

"Under the revised agreement, which is consistent with traditional equipment manufacturer-carrier arrangements, there is no revenue sharing and both iPhone 3G models will be offered at attractive prices to broaden the market potential and accelerate subscriber volumes," the company said.

"The phones will be offered with a two-year contract and attractive data plans that are similar to those offered for other smartphones and PDAs. AT&T anticipates that these offers will drive increased sales volumes and revenues among high-quality, data-centric customers."

AT&T has also announced that unlimited data plans for the new touch-screen handset will cost $30, an increase of $10 from the plan offered alongside the original iPhone.

According to AppleInsider, data plans must be purchased in addition to standard calling plans, which will begin at $40 for both home and business users and include at least 450 minutes of calling time, 5,000 evening and weekend minutes, 200 SMS text messages, and Visual Voicemail.

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