Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Video Demo of iPhone Earth

The video shown below was shot by Frank Taylor of the Google Earth Blog. It is a demo is of a mobile application (Earthscape Mobile) in development that puts virtual earth software on the iPhone.

When the iPhone is tilted, the earth begins to rotate and you can navigate to another part of the globe. The application is currently being run locally but ideally you’d want real geo-spatial information downloaded over WiFi or 3G.

Experience social geobrowsing.
Earthscape users mark choice spots with stories, photos and travel tips. Fly to your own favorite places to see what others have shared. You'll also find restaurant reviews, Wikipedia articles and other dynamic content.

Access the widest range of imagery.
Earthscape zooms you into the most diverse collection of geographic imagery. Toggle between spectacular summer and winter images of snow-capped mountains. Compare the place you live with aerial images from the 1930s. You can also overlay topographic and aviation maps.

Create custom applications.
Want to track the whereabouts of your cats? How about mapping your Twitter posts? Our developer-friendly Javascript API lets you easily create maps that visualize your location-specific data.

Currently the software is in private beta. Click here to signup.

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