Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Times Reader Beta for Mac Coming Soon

A beta version of Times Reader for Mac users will be released this month. -----
In building Times Reader for the Mac we’ve focused on providing the core set of features that have made the PC version popular. These include the easy-to-read paginated format, the ability to view the paper offline, a seven-day archive, text search, the ability to adjust the font size and access to Premium Crosswords.

The Mac version comes with four pre-set window sizes and allows you select among them. When you click to resize the window, Times Reader for the Mac shows lines that indicate the other window sizes appropriate for your monitor; this is different from the PC version which flows to fit any screen. Here is a screen shot:
Times Reader for the Mac: Window Resizing
We are characterizing this first release of Times Mac Reader as a beta because this is the first time several of these technologies are being introduced simultaneously, and there will undoubtedly be technical hiccups along the way. We are exploring ways to integrate News in Pictures, a feature popular among PC readers, and speeding up the synchronization time. We are committed to bringing the Mac version to feature parity with the PC version.
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