Thursday, May 22, 2008

This Week's Mac FreeWare Review =)

This week on Killer App- Mac FreeWare Review :
  • iShred is an app that will securely delete whatever you want it to, so there’s no chance of it ever being found again.
  • Audacity is an amazing audio-editing app. No matter what you might say, it’s a must have on every audio user’s Mac.
  • The Unarchiver is a simple unarchiving tool (who would have guessed) that will open a variety of zip formats.
  • Service Scrubber is a useful little app that lets you edit the contents of your “Services” menu (which is found under the current application’s name). Perian is an expansion to Quicktime that lets it play numerous other video codecs, like FLV or DivX files. Whoever made this app is a genius!
  • Monolingual is a space-saving app that is definitely worth using at least once. Great app if you are running low on space. I think it saved me 1.5GB of space on my hard drive in my first use.
And more................

If you want to find out more about these and many other applications please visit the Killer App- Mac FreeWare Review Section and leave a comment if you have some feedback!

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