Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sprint to Spend $100 Mil. On Anti-iPhone Adverts

Sprint has spent $100 million on an advertising campaign which directly targets the iPhone's weaknesses. The two ads we've seen are aimed at the iPhone's slow EDGE speeds and lack of true GPS support. The ads will begin running on May 9th and cost Sprint almost 40x the amount of a single 30 second superbowl ad. Ads following after the jump!

Now here's the thing about these two ads, slow data speeds and faux GPS are undoubtedly going to be addressed by the next rev of the iPhone. Honestly, we're not sure if we should laugh at Samsung, or feel sorry for them. Granted, Apple hasn't officially given any word on new iPhones, but with all the speculation lately, you'd think Sprint would wait and see what Apple has up their sleeves.

There's no doubt that these ads will negatively influence some who are on the fence, but $100 mil. doesn't seem like a sensible amount to win over such a small minority.

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