Friday, May 2, 2008

Safari for Windows Market Share Triples

Safari for Windows market share has tripled after Apple began pre-selecting Safari for download in Software Update.

Net Applications, a firm which tracks browser share and operating system usage, noted in a release Thursday that Safari 3.0 on Windows never gained much traction, with its share peaking at just 0.07 percent. However, Safari 3.1 on Windows has rapidly muscled gains over the past six weeks, already tripling Safari 3.0's peak at 0.21 percent.

"Normally, Apple's Software Update service is not used for delivery of new products. Clearly, this is a calculated risk by Apple that has annoyed and/or alienated some users," Net Applications said. "However, the question is, did it work? Did Apple gain browser market share on Windows based on this move? The answer is yes."

Apple came under a lot of criticism after the move prompting them to modify the Windows Software Updater to differentiate between new applications and program updates.

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