Monday, May 12, 2008

Rumor: 3G iPhone To Launch In May, Multitouch Tablet Mac At WWDC

Most of the rumors out there have pointed to some time in June (probably around WWDC) for the launch of the 3G iPhone, but SwitchToaMac thinks otherwise. They believe that Apple will be announcing the handheld in May and launching it the next day, considerably earlier than suspected. Instead of the 3G iPhone at WWDC in June, they claim, Apple will be launching a new portable device.

They write that Apple will be bumping the 3G iPhone launch date in order to focus on the announcement of a multi-touch tablet at the conference. The device will reportedly have a higher screen resolution (720x480) and be about one and a half times the size.

In April, also suspected the 3G launch to happen in May instead of June.

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