Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Pysl for iPhone Updated to .90b3

The Pysl (Protect your secret life) iPhone application has been updated to version .90b3 and is available for install.

Pysl lets you filter SMS conversations by setting up a blacklist and hiding messages from specific contacts. You can even set a password to protect your hidden message area.

New features:
- Multiple list management (add/delete)
- Blacklist (block only contact in list) and whitelist (allow only contact in list) type management
- Versatile scheduling mode with different list
- Contact modification under list
- Interface improvement (contact/list/history management with swipe.., graphics)
- Support to incremental version (keep data from previous version during an update)
- Active listname display in upercase
- Display phone number and Contact name in call history (multiple phone with same name)

Issues fixed:
- wrong missed call information
- manual contact creation
- SMS history limitation (crash app), up to 2000 now
- installation script update
- Many many other issues fixed
- Hidden call are record in call history (and avoid app crash) (from 0.90b1)
Pysl for iPhone can be downloaded from installer by adding http://installer.iClarified.com to your list of sources. If you need instructions go here.

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