Thursday, May 29, 2008

Patent: iPhone to Give Alert Before Dropping Call

AppleInsider has found an Apple patent filing describing a method of providing iPhone or iPod touch users with an "out of range" warning that includes an estimate of the amount of time remaining until the device is out of network range, thus presenting the users with an opportunity to take corrective measures if they so desire.

Apple said such warnings can take many forms, such as a vibratory warning, audible warning, or visual warning. More interesting, however, is that in the context of iPhone on a cellular network, the concept would aim to warn users when it appears as if a call is likely to be dropped and allow them reposition themselves to prevent a disconnection.

"If the estimated amount of time until the wireless device projected to be out of range is less than [a] threshold, a tangible warning is issued to that effect," Apple said. "In this way, warnings are only issued for those situations where the loss of signal would affect the user in the here and now and thereby prevent unnecessary (and potentially annoying) warnings being issued."

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