Saturday, May 24, 2008

Mac OS X | How to Collect iChats into a Single Window

These are instructions on how to collect iChats into a single window similar to using tabs. This way you can manage all your conversations from one window instead of having multiple chat windows open.

Step One
Open iChat by clicking its icon in the dock.
Step Two
If iChat doesn't automatically sign you in click Log In to ... from the iChat Menu.

Step Three
Now click to select Preferences... from the iChat Menu.

Step Four
Select the Messages tab from the Preferences Window.

Step Five
Click to check the box entitled Collect chats into a single window. You can now close the Preferences window.
Step Six
Double click a buddy from your contacts list to open a new iChat window. Notice we still don't see tabs on the side.
Step Seven
Double click another buddy from the contacts list. Now notice that a side panel slides out of your iChat window and allows you to manage both conversations from a single window.

Step Eight
You can easily close a conversation by moving your mouse over one of the buddies in your side panel (tabs) and clicking the X button that appears.

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