Friday, May 30, 2008

iPhone Video Recorder 1.2.4 Released

Dreamcatcher has released version 1.2.4 of iPhone Video Recorder which features YouTube uploading.

iPhone Video Recorder records audio and video to the compressed mpeg4 format, so the recording is space saving, an-hour-high-quality recording will be a file as small as 60MB. iPhone Video Recorder boasts a frame rate up to 15fps which guarantees better recording performance . With iPhone Video Recorder, recording is easy and enjoyable, you may play back the video, download it to a computer, or send it out by email as you wish.

New Version 1.2.4 Released:
1. Upload video to Youtube by standard Youtube account
2. Better stability
3. Bugs fixed

To install IPhone video Recorder add the following source to installer [ ]

If you do not know how to ass sources to installer app. on a jailbroken iPhone or iPOd Touch, go here and use the sources stated above.

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