Wednesday, May 7, 2008

iPhone Roms Goes Live

iPhone Roms has launched to give iPhone users the easiest and most direct access to NES, Genesis, SNES and GBA Roms for their iPhones. Thanks to the guys over at Nullriver, and all the guys of the iPhone Dev Team, it is now possible to add their repository directly onto the Installer App of any jailbroken iPhone in the world.

With unique scripts, iPhone Roms offers a one click solution for uploading any Rom for NES, Genesis, SNES and GBA directly on their servers and directly into their Installer Repository. What this means to all iPhone owners is once you upload a Rom using the "One Click ROM Upload" section on the right hand side of the page, that Rom is immediately available by refreshing the sources of the Installer App on the iPhone. There are only 3 conditions to be met while uploading Roms, the Rom must end in .nes, .bin, .smd, .smc or .gba, the Rom must be in a .zip archive and there must only be one Rom per .zip file. Most places available for downloading Roms already meet all of this criteria.

iPhone Roms supports the NES, Genesis, SNES and GBA emulators. All of these Emulators can be downloaded from the "Emulators" category of the Installer App once the iPhone Roms source is added. Like the Roms, these Emulators are free downloads for the iPhone.

To get access these to Roms for your iPhone, add the source,, to the Sources of your Installer App.

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