Friday, May 2, 2008

iPhone Case Details Discovered?

iLounge has posted information detailing the possible dimensions and features of the 3G iPhone. According to the site, companies overseas have already started working on products for this design. It is basically the same size as the current iPhone, but has slightly different curves, coloration, and materials.

Developers believe that the “glossy black plastic iPhone” details are partially accurate; however, the material will approximate the look of metal through automobile-style gloss. Once flat on both the back and front, the enclosure will now be tapered like a MacBook Air, thicker at the center than at the sides.

The new version has what appear to be three separate sensors, or two sensors and a tiny second camera—the original camera stays where it was.

Glossy black or white backs are apparently set colors, with a red version possible. Each would have the same silver bezel on front, and black surrounding the screen.

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