Saturday, May 24, 2008

iLife: How to Create a Song Using Magic GarageBand

These are instructions on how to bring a virtual band together and have Magic GarageBand generate a new song.

You will need to have iLife installed on your Mac.

Step One
Select GarageBand from your Dock or Application folder to start the program.
Step Two
Once GarageBand launches you will be presented with a splash screen. If you don't see the splash screen you can select New from the File Menu. Click the Magic GarageBand button.

Step Three
You will be presented with nine preset song styles to choose from, each features a different selection of instruments and parts.
Step Four
Move the switch to select whether you would like to play a looped snippet or the entire song while auditioning.

Step Five
Click the Audition button to open the curtains and reveal the performers of your selected style.
Step Six
Press the Play button to have the band start playing.
Step Seven
Click one of the instruments to bring up alternative instruments for that performer.
You can also click and hold an instrument to bring up alternative instruments for the performer.

Step Eight
Once you have found a combination of instruments you like, click the Create Project button.

Step Nine
GarageBand will now create a new project which contains all the parts and instruments you selected. You can now edit or build on this project as you would with a normal GarageBand Project!

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