Sunday, May 18, 2008

Google App Engine Launcher for Mac OS X

Google has announced the release of App Engine Launcher for Mac OS X.

App Engine Launcher is a tool for creating web applications which run on Google App Engine. which allows external developers to run web applications on Google infrastructure.

The Launcher isn't intended to replace a full-blown IDE or editor. However, basic tasks are now trivial. To create "hello world", you now just type a name and click twice. And deployment of a finished application to Google is a single click away. With the Launcher, you can focus on your app instead of the tools.

The Launcher is a true native Mac application. Installing the Google App Engine SDK, embedded in the Launcher, is a drag install. App Engine projects can be added to the Launcher with drag and drop. And your deployment password is saved in a Keychain (if you want).

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