Friday, May 2, 2008

Free Keynote Jam Package

Jumsoft has released Keynote Jam, a package of 56 high-quality 3D-rendered images for Apple Keynote presentations.

These images are creatively designed for Keynote and will look fantastic whether displayed directly on your computer monitor or projected onto a large screen. Jam purchasers are also free to use these images on their websites, in printed materials, in PDF documents or for any other purpose except resale. And our images also work with Microsoft's PowerPoint.

The Keynote Jam package includes the following 56 high-quality images for your presentations: "Database," "Gear," "Pie," "Cylinders," "Flower," "Pills," "Info," "Delete," "Network," "Globe," "Red Man," "Blue Man," "Green Man," "Red Dot," "Green Dot," "Blue Dot," "Metal Ball," "Glass Ring," "Glass," "Glass of Water," "Box," "Software box," "Helix," "Pyramid," "Wheel," "Check-mark," "Update," "Spanner," "Heart," "Globe again," "Table," "Stick," "Mark," "Ruler," "Blue Metaball," "Green Metaball," "Red Metaball," "Egg," "Gray Shape," "Magnet," "Layers," "Zoom," "Note," "Attention," "Sphere Bones," "Key," "Red Label," "Orange Label," "Yellow Label," "Green Label," "Blue Label," "Purple Label," "Gray Label," "Blue Light," "Light" and "Clouds". All of these images are optimized for high-quality presentations.

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