Friday, May 16, 2008

Common Myths for the Macintosh

Web entrepreneur David Alison addresses various myths Windows users have about switching to Mac in his blog posting, "Common Myths for the Macintosh".

"One of the reasons I was not interested in Macs for a very long time was that I clung to many facts about the Mac that I felt eliminated it from contention. Well, as with many things in life it turns out the facts that I knew about the Mac were either hopelessly outdated or simply myths. What I wanted to do was tell you the ones that I was aware of and often cited when I dismissed Macs in the past."

List of Common Mac Myths:
• Mac's only use a single mouse button
• There are not that many applications for Macs
• Macs are closed machines that cannot be expanded
• Macs don't work well with Windows machines on a network
• Macs are more expensive
• Macs can't run my Windows software
• Macs are mouse centered machines. You constantly have to grab the mouse.

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