Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Apple Releases iPhone 2.0 Beta 5 Firmware/SDK

Apple has released the 5th iPhone 2.0 Beta Firmware and SDK for download by authorized developers. New details are still unknown; however, Apple has posted the following added features for the SDK

API Changes
- iPhone OS 2.0 Beta 4 to Beta 5 API Changes

- NEW: API reference largely updated to beta 5 API.
- NEW: The documentation set installed with the SDK is a skeletal set consisting of indexes. To install local copies of the iPhone OS documentation, be sure to subscribe to the iPhone OS documentation set in the documentation window and force an update.
- NEW: New conceptual document with beta 4: View Controller Programming Guide for iPhone OS.
- NEW: New document with beta 4: iPhone Simulator Programming Guide.

- NEW: You can now pass a flag to preserve data files while uploading for Run/Debug/Go.

- NEW: You can now add the view of a UIViewController to an arbitrary view.

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