Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Agent Craig Monitors Ebay and Craigs List

Agent Craig is an intelligent search agent that monitors Ebay auctions and Craig's List advertisements for the items or ads you want to find.

Agent Craig will tirelessly search for the object of your desire in the background while you work or play. If a new job opportunity, apartment, slightly used couch, personal ad or whatever you are on the hunt for crops up, you can be the first to spring on it - without needing to constantly check back to the site and saving on distractions.

* Run searches unattended, around the clock
* Track multiple search campaigns from different services in a single, unified application
* Unobtrusive user interface stays hidden while not in use
* Growl notifications let you know as soon as new search results are available
* Plugin framework allows you to add new search types or stay up to date with changing sites
* Built in note-taking lets you track progress on individual items ("sent email," "waiting for response," etc.)

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