Tuesday, May 20, 2008

3G iPhone Case Unveiled?

XSKN has revealed a case for the 3G iPhone even before its announcement or release.

The case details are 2mm 2Tone injection silicone case + PET screen protector + icaps2. It comes in the following 2Tone colors: GRAPHITEonBLACK, BLACKonGRAPHITE, BLACKonWHITE, ELECTRAonBLACK, ELECTRAonWHITE, JACK OonBLACK, MARTIANonBLACK, PINKonBLACK, PINKonWHITE, REDonBLACK, WHITEonBLACK, BLACKonBLACK, and WHITEonWHITE.

3G iPhone Case

1st Gen iPhone Case

The differences are minimal but do seem to correspond to the previously leaked specs given to case manufacturers.

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