Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Pwnage for Windows Making Progress

The project to convert Pwnage for iPhone to Windows is making progress thanks to cmw.

WinPwn will be a full featured application that "pwns" your iPhone/iTouch to allow unsigned IPSW's as well as creating your own custom IPSW.

Ok so i know i missed the weekend deadline but i have been working over time with some beta testers to get all the bugs worked out so we have a smooth launch. It's actually fairly complex since windows doesn't have native HFSX support and apple doesn't open the source code for hdiutil or any of the hfsx utils. So i thought i would try and cheer people up with another quick screen shot. Release will hopefully be very soon. I will post an exact time when i'm 100% sure

cnw has released the screenshots below of the progress on WinPwn.

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