Thursday, April 24, 2008

New iPhone Simulator Has Downloads Folder, Contacts Search

The iPhone SDK Beta 4 seeded to developers today brings a new version of the iPhone Simulator. Previously called "Aspen Simulator", the now "iPhone Simulator" now has contacts search capabilities. After throwing a few things at it, we've determined that, while it may change later on, it sucks bigtime. Simple things that search SHOULD do, such as looking at information inside the contact's info, aren't present. It seems that only searching for first or last names works.

Additionally, while poking around a bit in the iPhone Simulator's user folder, we found what looks like a folder for downloaded items. The folder, located inside ~/Library/Application Support/iPhone Simulator/Media/, is empty. Although the ability to save images in Safari is now present, the feature doesn't put the image anywhere we could see. We're assuming the downloads folder may be for downloading documents and other things on the go, possibly items for 3rd party applications.

Currently iPhone users are unable to permanently store downloads through MobileSafari. Apple will release the iPhone 2.0 software update in late June.

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