Tuesday, April 1, 2008

iPhone Dev Team Quits? [UPDATEx2]

Has the iPhone DevTeam Ceases iPhone Development ? That was the question of the night for many popular and not so popular websites and blogs. People were commenting, emailing and blogging on the subject intensely. Many sources said that this was just a joke due to a day of gags and foolery [also known as April fools day]. All we could do is guess. It is now obvious that this was just a joke [or not???] and the website has returned to it's normal state [has it???].

However, a few changed have been made. Now when you visit the site, an animated image appears of what seems to be Steve Jobs saying, "Hello" in Russian. On the bottom of the page we have three small sections [wiki][x][x]. Yesterday the web address was [ www.iphone-dev.org/] and now it is [wikee.iphwn.org/]. I do not know the reason behind this. According to the message posted on their site last night, all the software and intellectual property was sold to an anonymous source [cough,cough APPLE!]. Now they are back but with a different web address.

The iPhone and iPod Touch [iTouch] hacking worlds is very competitive. When one source or developer quits or dissapears, five more show up to take their place.If you have any ideas, suggestions or comments please email me or leave a comment on this post.

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