Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Imbecile selling iPhone Firmware 2.0 and Pwnage Tool

With all of the hard work being done by the iPhone Dev Team and other contributers, one would hope that people would have enough respect to give credit where credit is due, but unfortunately that's not always the case. Some imbecile at a website not even worth mentioning is trying to make a buck off the hard work of the iPhone Dev team by trying to illegally sell a leaked copy of firmware beta 2.0, proving just how greedy people can be.

You want it you got it…
It is now for download people. Yes, I am talking about the 2.0 Firmware that is due late in June. I have officially Unlocked the 2.0 iPhone and I have also Pwnage my phone also.
In the Download you will also be receiving the Pwnage tool which will allow you to build custom Firmwares and sync them directly onto your iPhone straight from iTunes.

In the Download package you will also receive a tutorial and a Video Tutorial on how to use the Pwnage program and how to unlock the 2.0 phone. Believe me it is very simple and not hard to do at all.

LifeTime Warranty:
30 Day 100% money Back Guarantee if you are not happy. You will receive my LifeTime support with any questions or concerns that you may have. You will receive my email and phone number for anything that you may need assistance with.

Lucky for us, the slob released the following video demonstrating the new firmware, in which he unknowingly displays his serial number and IMEI....wow can you say, "what a di*k"?...lol.... For those of you who are curious: Serial: 88811n4x0kh / IMEI : 01 136400 375347 . The question is, who will get to him first; The Dev Team or Apple?

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