Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Griffin Introduces Wave Case for iPhone

Wave cases protect your iPhone without hiding its features or functionality. Place your iPhone into the Wave case, press the two halves together with a satisfying click, and your iPhone is protected inside a durable polycarbonate shell. The unique wave-shaped closure provides greater interlocking surface area, so you can carry your iPhone with confidence.

And Wave cases look great, in translucent Red, Pink, Orange, Green, Blue, and Black.

* Case locks around iPhone with elegant wave contours on both sides
* Durable, beautiful polycarbonate material protects against bumps and scratches
* You retain full access to ports, controls, and multi-touch display of your iPhone
* Comes with premium cleaning cloth and statis peel screen protector, and is available in translucent Red, Pink, Orange, Green, Blue, and Black

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