Monday, April 7, 2008

Cranky Apple lawyers go after NYC green logo

Sometimes you have to think that we'd all be better off if Apple's marketing and trademark folks just dropped the corporate legal department out of their Rolodexes. Last week Bloomberg & Wired reported that Apple is still challenging the New York City environmental initiative GreenNYC's logo, which does look like an apple but not all that much like this Apple's apple. The trademark dispute hinges on the likelihood of public confusion and the possible dilution of Apple's mark, both of which seem to fail the silly test -- but you never do know.

Considering that Apple was on the receiving end of a trademark fight with the Beatles for decades, it's not clear why it's prudent or necessary for the company to pick a fight with a city known as "the Big Apple" since before the invention of the vacuum tube. I guess once you stake out your orchard, you have to make sure those darn kids don't steal the fruit. More on this story from BloggingStocks and the NYT.

Update: Nilay Patel at Engadget (who is a lawyer) describes the opposition filing as a normal part of the trademark process. Still seems kind of petty.

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