Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Apple Releases Aperture 2.1 SDK

You can use the Aperture 2.1 SDK to create two different kinds of Aperture plug-ins: Export plug-ins and Edit plug-ins.

Export plug-ins let you control the entire Aperture export process. With an Export plug-in you can:
■ Manage the visibility of the Aperture controls in the export window, such as Version or Master export, Export Presets, and File Naming Policy.
■ Display a custom user interface within the Aperture export window.
■ Provide users with custom export presets.
■ Track the type of image (Master or Version) being exported.

Because of its non-destructive editing, Aperture must first generate the appropriate images before letting a plug-in perform an export operation. Users control the specific options that go into the image generation process, but an Aperture Export plug-in controls the export options that are available to the user.

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