Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Additional 3G Chip Details Emerge for the iPhone

According to Taiwanese newspaper the Economic Daily News, sources close to the story have confirmed claims of a specific 3G chipset being used by the iPhone. Source have stated that factories for United Microelectronics Corporation have been contracted to produce the PMB8878 Infineon chipset at the company's 65 nanometer process facilities.

If so, the move will serve as a switch from Taiwan Semiconductor, which manufactures the Infineon chip for the current model of iPhone.

The selection, though still unconfirmed, doesn't provide an exact date for when production will begin but supports recent discoveries made in the iPhone 2.0 beta firmware software text string that pointed towards Infineon hardware. The PMB8878 chip, if used, would manage cellular functions for the iPhone and is known to support 3G Internet access over HSDPA, the protocol used by AT&T in America and Rogers Wireless in Canada.

The PMB8878 chip is also considered a general application processor and can support both higher resolution 5-megapixel cameras as well as two-way video calling and general media decoding, though it's not known if Apple can or will take advantage of these extra features in any future iPhone designs.

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