Saturday, March 1, 2008

Site Update

If you have installed Cydia (which I just wrote a tutorial on for Mac and Windows users as "Step 2"), you should be careful updating to the new version of Installer 3.01 that came out today. Cydia will no longer download anything since I have done this. I don't know if it is Installer related, I even reinstalled Cydia and still can't download anything. I'm restoring my iPhone at this point to further troubleshoot.

Update: I just restored an iPhone and only installed Installer 3.0 just to install Cydia. Cydia downloads work just fine again. Clearly there is a compatability issues between Installer 3.01 and Cydia.

Update 2: I just updated Installer again to 3.01 and Cydia is downloading fine again. Odd.

I just finished a tutorial that explains step by step How to Unlock the 1.1.4 iPhone Region Format . For future reference you can find it in the iPhoneHack: Firmware 1.1.4 'section' of the legend.

-- March 1,

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