Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Site Update [ UPDATE ]

As promised a new software came out today called iPlus 1.1 . It helps you downgrade your bootloader, unlocks the phone, jailbreaks it and activates aswell (it can do all of this together or separate). A guide is ready. You can find it here. This is for Windows users!

- New tutorial iPlus 1.1: How to Unlock 1.1.4 and Downgrade to 3.9-fakeblank iPhone Bootloader (Windows)

-If you are interested in the latest update on the iPhone SDK, Adobe Flash and what Steve Jobs has to say about it read this article.

Update: A program called iPlus is out, but it is command line based and currently Windows only. It allows for activation, jailbreaking, and unlocking for 1.1.4 firmware with either the 3.9 or 4.6 bootloader. It will allow for a SAFE method of downgrading the bootloader using the new iPhone Dev Team 3.9 fake blank bootloader. This will also allow you to upgrade your bootloader back to 4.6 should you need to. A Macintosh version is coming shortly. I'm waiting to see if there isn't some more refinement made to this program. I will refine the guides as new updates appear. I'd really like to see a GUI version. Otherwise I know of someone writing a brand new program from scratch that will do this too.

-- March 5, 10:55 MST

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