Monday, March 24, 2008

RiP Dev Releases Caterpillar 1.2 for iPhone

Rip Dev has released Caterpillar 1.2 for iPhone, an update to its iPhone productivity suite.

Caterpillar is an unique package of little tools for your iPhone that can be installed separately from each other. Each module provides its own set of features aimed to make your use of iPhone more productive and fun. Customization, business tools, quick contacts search, system font replacement and many more

Whats New in 1.2
All Components:
- Added an option to turn on the Apple built-in screenshotter.

Uninstall (new component):
- Uninstalls software installed with directly from SpringBoard by clicking the remove button in the rearrange icons mode (1.1.3 and newer only). AppTapp.framework used with permission from Nullriver Software.

- Added SummerBoard themes support. What's different from SummerBoard implementation:
All themes created for SummerBoard are compatible with FaceLift;
Theme author can add additional info in the theme file to customize (developer documentation):
# Icon label background color;
# Icon label background border color;
# Icon label background border thickness and curvature;
# Icon label font and color;
# Separate font color for the icon label when it's in the Dock;
# Calendar icon: date text font, position, shadow parameters;
# Calendar icon: weekday text font, position, shadow parameters.
More options are planned for the future releases of Caterpillar. Themes will remain backwards compatible with SummerBoard, but the customization features will only be available for FaceLift.
Custom badges in the theme are supported.
Localization will no longer prevent custom application icons to be applied from the theme.
- Added an option to dim the SpringBoard background.
- Few tweaks to the look of the reflexive Dock so it looks better.

- Slightly changed the display of the upcoming events: now shows the day of the week instead of +1 etc.
- o Fixed an issue with the event time not displaying correctly because of time zones.

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