Monday, March 31, 2008

Refurbished AT&T iPhones Shipping With Wrong Warranty

The refurbished iPhones that went on sale last week gave many who were waiting for a price drop a chance to buy one at a significantly lower price than usual, but there might be some issues with the warranty information. Erica Sadun purchased one of the units herself, and she had to correct Apple on the warrant information.

Many of the refurbished iPhones sold came with a sticker on the box saying that the device came with a 1-year Apple warranty. However, upon checking the warranty self-checking site, Erica Sadun found that her warranty was set to expire on the 22nd of July.

After calling Apple and being told that the date was correct, she called again and explained that it came with the sticker, this time having her warranty extended to the correct length advertised.

If you purchased one of the refurbished models last week, we highly suggest you check yours as well at the warranty self-checking site. If it's wrong, you might want to give Apple a call at 1-800-694-7466 to clear up the problem. Also, she did need to confirm a valid AT&T account, so those of you that didn't register for an account are out of luck.

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