Tuesday, March 11, 2008

LG Reveals iPhone Rival

On Tuesday, electronics maker LG unveiled its Glimmer handset. The unit, which features a 2.8" finger-drive touchscreen similar to the iPhone's, also incorporates a slider which reveals a full number pad.

The Glimmer is also known to feature a microSD card slot that can hold up to four gigabytes of AAC, MP3 and WMA music as well as other formats, a two megapixel camera with digital autofocus, Bluetooth and assisted GPS that hooks into Alltel's Navigation service.

Current reports indicate that the phone is customized for Alltel as its American market provider. Although neither Alltel nor LG have disclosed a set price for the Glimmer, LG has promised a release within twelve days, which would see the phone available online and at Alltel's retail locations on the 23rd.

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