Thursday, March 6, 2008

iPhone SDK Beta Today [Update: Now Available], Software v2.0 To Be Released In June

During the iPhone SDK event, Apple disclosed quite a bit of information regarding the iPhone software development kit. Details on the SDK can be found here. Apple also announced a few new addictions aimed at the enterprise. Microsoft Exchange Server support, ActiveSync, and push email to name a few. Additionally, Apple showed off a few new iPhone applications written by third parties, including an AIM application from AOL. All of these can be obtained via the newly announced App Store.

The new SDK is available today for $99. The iPhone Software Update v2.0 is available as a beta with the SDK today and will be shipping to consumers in June.

Update: Not missing a beat, Apple has already made the iPhone SDK available to developers. Apple's Developer Connection site seems to be suffering from a massive influx of traffic, so it may take some time for everyone to get a copy.

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