Friday, March 14, 2008

Austrian iPhone Launch

Speaking as a hemi-hemi-Austrian, I was crushed when, as a child, I discovered my Grandmother's family had come from the one without the kangaroos. Despite their marsupial deprivations not to mention the extreme lack of monotremes, the Austrian iPhone launch is due to kick off tomorrow, the 14th of March with an 8GB iPhone selling for €399 and 16GB for €499. (Google monetary conversion tells me this is "Like Way Expensive", aka starting at $615.)
T-Mobile will offer two talk plans, a basic and a "Supreme" plan (possibly called a "Royal with Cheese" in France). The plans include just 3GB data, which according to our loyal readers should last about 17 days of normal use -- so go easy on the YouTube videos unless your Konditorei has free WiFi.

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