Thursday, March 6, 2008

Apple To Hold iPhone SDK Press Event Today

Invitations sent to the press last week for an "iPhone software roadmap" special event which takes place on March 6 at Cupertino, California, fueled rumours on what the rules for iPhone and iPod touch developers will be. MacScoop sources not only obtained confirmation on some recent Internet reports but also added a few important details.

Apple to keep a small percentage of the revenue

Apple plans to start a program allowing developers to distribute their iPhone and iPod touch applications through iTunes and although software will be submitted to the store at no cost, Apple will keep a small perentage of the revenue generated by each sale, sources told MacScoop.

Last week, iLounge reported that Apple will allow the distribution of iPhone and iPod touch software only through iTunes and will act as application picker. The same day Electronista posted another report claiming that developers of non commercial applications will be free to make them available without any restriction.

MacScoop could not obtain information regarding the distribution of non commercial software for the iPhone and the iPod touch.

Applications will have access to EDGE and Wifi

Sources confirmed that, though there might be a few limitations for the developers, Apple will not prevent third-party applications from accessing to EDGE and Wifi connectivity.

However, as iLounge claims, Apple will probably not distribute applications which work with accessories the same way. Such applications are likely to require a special partnership with Apple.

Mac OS X required

Developers will have to use a Mac with Mac OS X Leopard so as to write applications for Apple's devices. Apple will not release its SDK (Software Development Kit) on other platforms than the Mac.

The development environment is said to actually be an enhanced version of XCode which should be made available for free to all ADC (Apple Developer Connection) members.

Other announcements: First applications, Lotus and Exchange support

Apple has apparently been working with a few developers including IBM as well as game developers such as Electronic Arts and Gameloft so as to bring the first third party applications to the platform and some of them might be announced at the occasion.

In addition we may expect Apple to announce Microsoft Exchange support on the iPhone as rumoured by several analysts and recently confirmed by our own sources.

Stay tuned on Thursday as Hack that iPhone and iTouch Tutorial blog will keep you updated on the event.

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